Information about the only rapid online truth test-

What is it?

This is an online test for truthfulness. It is based on an approach in psychology called the autobiographical Implicit Association Test (aIAT). Research in published scientific reports indicates an accuracy in assessing truthfulness and deception between 80% and 95%, sometimes higher.

How is it done?

During the test a series of statements is presented on the screen. Test-takers must answer whether the statements describe themselves or someone else. The test is timed.

How is it analyzed?

Once the test is completed an algorithm evaluates the data. It scores the responses for accuracy and speed, and produces a statement regarding the truthfulness of the test-taker about their own behavior. It is also sensitive to faking.

Who can take the test?

Anyone who can read text displayed on a computer screen, indicate his or her answers with a button press, and can work undistracted for 6 minutes can successfully complete the test. The test should be delayed if the test-taker is impaired by drugs or alcohol.

What happens to the results?

The results are sent automatically via email to the addresses provided by the client. The results page will have the test results and supplementary information. This is the only record of the test results, so the client should save a copy of the email.

What about confidentiality?

The test data, results, email addresses and all information arising from the test are protected and not provided to third parties. does not use any of the information for advertising or business purposes. will never initiate contact with clients. Anonymized test data may be used to refine the algorithm.

Why should someone take this test?

Persons seeking out this test want to know if someone is telling them the truth. It may regard fidelity in a relationship, honesty in a business setting, or other situations in which trust must be maintained or established. Among the few verification methods available, this test is affordable, convenient and does not involve a third party knowing your private matters. It is a best choice before considering other methods.

How can I find out more about this test?

We want you to be an informed client. We have included a Links page with a sample of the relevant published scientific research about this test. There is also a short demo test (about 30 seconds) on the Free Sample Test page so anyone can experience what it is like to take the test. You can also search scientific publication databases for technical information. You will find this test is accurate and reliable.

Can the test be designed for special circumstances?

Yes. Go to the Contact Us page and send in your request. Specialized tests have an additional fee.

Can the test be taken more than once?

Yes, but we recommend a break of an hour or more between tests, however each purchase is for a single test and re-tests must be purchased separately.

Can I get a discount for purchasing multiple tests?

Yes. Use the Contact Us page to tell us what you have in mind