If you suspect your wife or husband is cheating on you

Faithfulness is essential to committed relationships. Unfortunately, there are occasions where a partner may come to have concerns about the possible infidelity of someone they love. It may be based upon something you’ve seen or merely a gut feeling. Thoughts of “Is my spouse cheating on me” or “Is my boyfriend/girlfriend being unfaithful?” can loom large in your mind, affecting your concentration, your work, and your happiness. Just having unresolved suspicions can take a heavy toll on a person. And the longer it takes to resolve the suspicions, the more the damage: lasting emotional pain, loss of sleep, stress, anxiety, less joy in life, and poorer relationships with others. If you are one of the many thousands who have experienced suspicions about a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you, you already understand how emotionally draining it can be.

We offer this online test as a first step to couples faced with questions about fidelity. It can be the impetus to seeking professional help to mend the relationship. The cost of the test is $30.00. With your $30 purchase you receive a link to the test that belongs to you, to use on your device or to send to someone else’s device. Regardless of who takes the test, the results go only to whomever you designate to receive them. And the test uses bank-level security to protect your identity. Finally, we never collect or use personally identifying information for any purpose, giving you the peace of mind that your confidentiality has been protected. No one other than you and the test-taker will know.

We believe $30.00 is a small investment for peace of mind. Click on the button below to get started.

Test Accuracy

The test offered by is designed to help move from the distress of uncertainty toward resolution by assessing the truth of your suspicion. offers an online fidelity test with an accuracy of 80% – 95%.  It can be taken privately, anonymously, and with a cost everyone can afford.  Our services do not end with the delivery of your test results to you.  On our Links page you will also find marital counseling services or even a follow-on polygraph examination in your area, at your choice.  Because our test can be taken in the privacy of one’s own home, we consider the online fidelity test the first step toward restoring peace and trust in a marriage or relationship..

The Science Behind the Test

Our Links page can show the scientific evidence for our test.  In a nutshell, the test detects whether peoples’ answers agree with their own memories.  If a test-taker denies infidelity, but has a memory of having committed infidelity, the test will detect it with high accuracy.  If someone’s memories align with his or her answers, the test will detect that, too.  It is like an online lie detector that you can set up, take (or have someone else take) the test, and receive the results in perfect privacy.  Among the ways of verifying faithfulness, there is nothing else like this. 

The test is accurate, quick, and confidential.  The results can provide reassurance or be the impetus for seeking professional assistance with the relationship where infidelity is suspected.  If you are ready to move forward with resolving the trust issue you face, click below on the Purchase Test button to begin.